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Time to create your own Porn!

Creating your own version of a wmv scene you have downloaded is much easier than you think!

Make yourself the editor of the scene. You don't need expensive soft ware and you don't have to to do more than drag and drop. Yet you can fix the scene so you see the "good" parts as often and for as long as you like.

I love a good BJ shot, where she looks you in the eyes. I hate it when they are soo short cause the camera guy thinks a shot of the guys balls would be more interesting.

Now you can build yourself a 5 min bj, a 10 min bj. throw in a shot of her sweet ass every now and then, maybe a shot of Ron Jeremy (just kidding) My point is, the sky's the limit! You can be a diverse as you want, as kinky or not kinky. Total freedom from the crap they make today!

Email me and I will send you the link to the free editing software, that will let you
edit most wmv files you download, including HD ones.


Wouldn't you like to edit your porn so YOU like it better?

Since you have read this far, please drop me an email and give me your opinion on this idea.

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Soon we will be launching a web site where you can download clips to use in this editing software to build custom scenes.

Close ups, wide shots, med shots, graphic shots, all the bits you need to build a sex scene and a virtual woman .

Imagine a virtual girl/lover/slut!

Depending on how you assemble the pieces and what pieces you choose, your dream girl can be sweet and submissive or a hell cat pushing your face into her crotch!

You want some of this??
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